360 surveys

360 Surveys

360o surveys give people feedback on how they are perceived by their manager(s), peers, team members and customers. 

Comparing others’ ratings with how the individual rates themselves either confirms that they are strong or weak in particular aspects, or throws up differences where others see them as stronger or weaker than they see themselves. 

In all cases the results give insight that enables bespoke development plans to be agreed and sometimes on its own will directly encourage behavioural change.

Our edge

We link the questions to the organisational development approach of each customer’s organisation.  So the questions and outcomes use your organisation’s language, and link directly to the development plans and resources you have in place.

We provide a tailored report for each individual and an online feedback mechanism that gives the ultimate in 360 feedback.  This online visualisation is both simple and very powerful in the way it allows a train of enquiry to be followed and understood.  It can be used by the individual or as part of an expert led debrief.

Meanwhile, insights are backed by specific examples of what the individual does well or could do better using examples given by the reviewers.

We can run the entire process for you, provide training on giving feedback, enable you to do it all, or provide the blend which fits your needs best.

Simply powerful

  • Powerful insight
  • Tailored to your development plans
  • Provided as a full or blended service
  • Potentially self-service
  • Multi-lingual
  • Analyse feedback at both the individual and organisational level
  • Integrates with your engagement solutions
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