In-depth AnalysisPowerful analysis capabilities are embedded in the any-3 platform, and combined with ground-breaking approaches and visualisations - to bring insights to life.

Most managers simply get the benefit - the most insightful reports on their team, what to prioritise and suggestions of what to do.   Senior manager will get more - perhaps a visualisation of every point in their entire organisation, colour coded to show performance and applying proximity analysis to target exactly where action is needed.

For the analysts in customers or partners our suite of intuitive tools allow you to analyse to your heart's content - while not costing a penny more for all those ideas you wanted to follow.

See how engagement changes across time in service, roles, management levels and see it across your organisation one at a time - or in combination.  And when you introduce a new change process - track the pilots and see if and how long a difference it makes - and adjust or refine it before investing further.

Meanwhile text analysis gives depth to understanding the reasons behind quantitative responses. Open questions also catch things you didn't even realise might be an issue - and lets you analyse just where these issues are - which countries, which offices, which teams.

Throughout it all the analysis is multilingual - so you can choose your working language and get the reports and analysis in that language.  Advanced text analysis is done in the original languages and/or translated into a common language (usually English) for a comprehensive picture.

And yet we build in anonymity protection - so you can see the trends and understand the issues, without being able to identify individuals.  This protection of the inidividual's anonymity is crucial to getting the open, honest responses you need.

 We've spent years researching and developing the best techniques for analysis - and integrating them on our platform.  Why don't you come and see for yourself?