Team Engagement

Employee engagement helps drive better outcomes for your company – both in the short and long term.

Our edge

Tailored questions and analysis

We deliver a bespoke and detailed solution to fit your needs.  [more...]

Our research is customer driven – continually examining linkages between engagement measures, productivity and performance – and we use this to provide the core questions while adding others that meet your particular circumstances.  The impact and interrelationships between all questions and performance measures are constantly evaluated during your survey.

We recognise that the drivers of engagement differ subtly in across your organisation and show you how to alter your actions accordingly.  Similarly we know that what is required will change over time as things improve – its rather like moving up Maslow’s hierarchy – as base needs are met more sophisticated ones emerge – and our sophisticated solution identifies this and the actions needed.

Giving real and actionable insight

We target exactly where action is needed with ground-breaking analysis and unrivalled visualisations.  Meanwhile managers’ reports show the position clearly and highlight which areas they should concentrate on and what they can do. 

Fully multilingual

The survey, reports and analysis capabilities are all multilingual.  Advanced text analysis is done in the original languages and/or translated into a common language (usually English) for a comprehensive picture.

Making it quick and easy

Efficient and fast - from pre-survey organisation snapshot to delivering reports to each manager is under six weeks – keeping it fresh and real.  [more...]

The survey and analysis are all done on one platform – giving real time information.   Set-up processes are fully automated making it easy and quick for you - and for us.   And when we close the survey you get insight faster than anywhere else because all the analysis is inbuilt.

Saving money while giving frequent feedback

Get frequent feedback right down to the smallest teams while avoiding surveying everyone each time by using our sophisticated Whole Team sampling approach.

It doesn’t just save staff time, it delivers a more accurate picture as it avoids over-surveying and survey fatigue.

  • Tailored to you
  • Powerful, fresh insight
  • Visualise your entire organisation
  • Target where to take action
  • Advance text analysis
  • Easy and efficient
  • multilingual
  • Detailed benchmarking
  • Integrates with 360o surveys, self-assessments, brand surveys, benefits surveys, and customer surveys.
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