About any-3

Aout any-3

any-3 Ltd is a UK based company with offices in London and Oxford.

We were formed from a management buy-out in 2005 with experience in building large scale online platforms for the creation of eLearning and the delivery of high quality eLearning such as multiplayer games for the UK MoD.   In 2006 we delivered our 1st staff survey for Bradford and Bingley building society and from then on our focus changed, as we quickly stood out and won engagement survey contracts with Logica in 2007 and BT in 2008.

Throughout we have focussed all our resources on high quality delivery, research and constant improvement.  We  invest in providing the best solution - with no  salespeople or advertising – and our growth (sometimes doubling in a year) comes from personal recommendation.

We choose to employ and work with the best. 

Support for good causes

Any-3 are proud to offer support to good causes

Previously we have run multi-language surveys for charities such as ASIF completely free of charge.

Recently we have been pleased to offer Amnesty International a “good causes” reduction for a Diversity Survey, Employee Engagement Survey and 360o Survey for top management.  (We help FTSE 100 companies with  Diversity surveys, and are proud that when a specialist body like Amnesty International wants a diversity survey – they too turn to any-3).


Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement