Remember - these solutions can stand alone or integrate like a jigsaw to give a fuller picture - and we make it easy at every step.

Engagement surveys

Understand engagement in your organisation: how engagement and its drivers vary accross the organisation and over time; and give managers clear, timely information and actions to drive positive change.  More...

360o surveys

Our online feedback gives managers unrivalled insight.  This enables development plans to be agreed and can directly encourage behavioral change.  More...

Self assessments

Allow managers to test themselves and be directed to the approriate developmental resources

Selection or developmental assessments

Use situational judgement scenarios to assess someone's ability on a job or for a job.

Diversity surveys

Use our highly secure approach to gather diversity information - understand how diverse your organisation is - and check against bias in recruitment, promotion and respect.  

Brand surveys (for customers and employees)

How customers and employees see your brand - what it conveys, and how that compares to other brands

Customer surveys

Whether you have a CRM or not, find out how strategic and tactical contacts in your customers feel they are served by each point in your organisation.  Combine this with engagement surveys to see how engagement impacts your customer relationships.

Sales interest surveys

Follow up on visits to your website or conferences to find out what  potential customers are interested in - then deliver these leads to the relevant sales teams.

Reward Surveys

Base and variable salaries are not the whole story - but what are the other benefits that your people value most - and how do you compare to other employers for those roles?

Preference exercises

Enable employees to choose local or national work practices (e.g. shift patterns), potentially with different local options and timings to fit regional discussion timetables, while guaranteeing anonymity to individuals.